About us

About Us

If you’re wondering if we’re funky, then our reply would be simple - Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? However, if you’re wondering if we are camels, this is perhaps more of a gray area.  Like the ship of the desert, we love to eat the local dates and we sometimes get the hump. is all about personalised household accessories and clothing, with a focus on popular Arabic culture and Arabic designs for Arabic people and anyone who enjoys Arabic culture.  We help people customise anything you might wear or use, with the aim of encouraging individuals to express themselves.

Our philosophy is: why look like everyone else, whilst spending your hard-earned money making the big brands rich? We believe in using products based on designs provided by the community, channeling earning potential back into the hands of the community.

Now enough about us.  Take a look through all the Camel has to offer, and let the Website do the talking!